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July 18, 2012
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Real Name: Gauvain Meilletisme
Nickname: Sanguinarius, "Bloodthirsty"
Species: Human, S6- Class Sorcerer
Gender: Male
Age: 12,635 years lived through 96 existences so far
Nationality: Atlantean
Motto: Vengeance is at hand!
Mana: Red and variations [orange/brown]
Jera Syphos --> Former master
Calix Dicomarogion --> Once a friend, now an enemy
Alice Lura Heart --> Once a love interest, now an enemy

Intro: 12,000 years ago, Atlantis was a very prosperous civilization of great traders and mighty warriors with their advanced technology. Within their social hierarchy, however, there were some individuals particularly powerful, with an expertise at the use of crystals and capable of manipulating energy in its purest forms. They were the Sorcerers of Atlantis. Many advances in all the fields of science, philosophy, etc., were because of these individuals. They were also great priests, having an interesting belief about life itself and its operating mechanisms: they believed that "when a soul is created at some period of history, it begins its evolution through an almost infinite cycle of successive lives", until it reaches a stage that nowadays humans consider as "angels". How long this cycle will last would depend on the willpower and individual effort of each soul.
Unfortunately, some of these sorcerers were swayed by arrogance and a complex of superiority, they began to call themselves gods. This led to a divergence of ideas, culminating in a rebellion by the evil wizards and a war between them and the others that engulfed the entire continent...this "clash of titans" was so great that caused the whole continent to sink into the ocean in a single night, carrying with it all the Atlantean civilization. That's how the legend of "Atlantis, the lost continent" became known worldwide.
These sorcerers can live longer than humans thanks to their magic, but they're not immortal. However, the stronger they become, the more dependant on mana they get. If one doesn't have a minimum amount of mana, his body dies. That's why they always keep many crystals with them.

Bio: Gauvain was Calix's friend and also the Prince of Atlantis, heir of their glorious empire. They trained together in the School of Sorcery, in the same class. They were so close that Calix taught Gauvain his spell that allows him to keep his memories and powers upon death. A while after, Calix surpassed him in the school, becoming an S7+ class sorcerer; Gauvain was an S6-. But the bad thing is that they shared a thing in common: both were in love with Alice Lura Heart, a young priestess. By the Atlantean laws, she should marry Gauvain when he assumed the throne...but, ignoring the traditions, the girl chose Calix.
Despite their friendship, deep down Gauvain always envied Calix, for he was always the favorite of everyone...that envy combined with his thirst for power and, to make things worse, w/ Alice's began to consume his soul and he ended up betraying Calix; he was the leader of the rebellion that destroyed Atlantis...and also killed Alice in the process. He, however, managed to escape. Using the spell that Calix taught, he lived on, his only wish being to become more and more powerful and seek revenge on his old friend. Gathering enough mana by killing other sorcerers, he managed to live longer than Calix in all his existences, hence why he lived only 96 times, instead of Calix's 181.
Gauvain was once again defeated by Calix in July 2012, after kidnapping his sister Alicia. In the Underworld, he had his powers taken by the Mighty Spirits and, after so many years of evil deeds, was banned to another planet, far away from Earth. A very primitive planet, for there he'll have to fight every day to survive, for thousands of years.
A bit more than a month later [in reality many years, for the time passed faster in this planet he was], he somehow managed to return, stronger. He seriously injured Alice and was about to kill her when Calix arrived and stopped him. He turned into a Sun-sized giant and was about to crush the planet, but Calix, weakened by using half his powers to save Alice, attacked him and managed to ban him to another universe, but died in the process.

Magical abilities: As a sorcerer from almost the same class as Calix, he has identical abilities, such as:
  1. Flying - As fast and high as a spaceship, able to go to space without relying on a suit or any kind of technological life-support system.
  2. Magical Field - Allows him to breath in space, underwater, can withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures.
  3. Summoning - He usually prefers to summon wild, bloodthirsty beasts.
  4. Teleport - To wherever he wants.
  5. Spells and enchantments - Expert at ofensive spells, although is also skilled with defenses.
  6. Transforming - He can transform into different beasts from Calix's. For using the red mana, it's their common color, although some variations are possible.
  • Leopard - Faster speed than Calix's Bear, but has much less resistance.
    Speed: Very High
    Power: High
    Resistance: Low
  • Crocodile - Sacrifices speed in exchange for greater power and resistance.
    Speed: Medium
    Power: Very High
    Resistance: Very High
  • Giant Crab - A man-sized crab that crushes its enemies with its huge claws.
    Speed: Low
    Power: Very High
    Resistance: Very High
  • Wasp - Its highly poisonous sting kills in minutes. Whoever gets stung has almost no chances to survive.
    Speed: High
    Power: Very High
    Resistance: Low
  • Minotaur - Atlanteans scientists combined the DNA of bull with humans', expecting to make stronger and fearless warriors. Turned out the project was a failure, with the creatures actually becoming so aggressive that had to be caged to avoid killing other soldiers. It's weaker than a dragon or a phoenix, but it's still a pain in the butt to defeat.
    Speed: High
    Power: Very High
    Resistance: Very High
  • Nemean Lion - A variation of the normal lion, 2x more powerful, faster and tougher. It's also slightly bigger.
    Speed: Extremely High
    Power: Very High
    Resistance: High
  • Hydra - The multi-head beast known for being the monster killed by Heracles as the second of his Twelve Labours. Its seven heads can attack independently, making this transformation useful when facing too many foes at the same time. Even transformed as a dragon or a phoenix, a sorcerer must not underestimate this monster.
    Speed: High
    Power: Extremely High
    Resistance: Very High

Red Mana and variations: Red is hot, a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passion, desire and love to violence, warfare, danger, strength, power, determination; it's also associated with energy. Red is Cupid and also the Devil. The main elements related to red that Gauvain controls are fire and blood, but he can also control variations, such as orange and brown, this one representing earth.

Atlantean and Artificial Crystals: Gauvain uses crystals from the same colors as his mana [red, orange and brown]. A few of these crystals were stolen from the sorcerers he killed. Most of the ones he has are actually created by himself artificially, in laboratory. While these are not as powerful as the natural Atlantean ones, they're still very useful, for he can almost mass-produce them.
So, another OC =P
Once Calix's best one of his worst enemies. Also an Atlantean Sorcerer, just one level below his old buddy, but still a fearsome enemy.

His greatest wish is to become the most powerful sorcerer that ever existed in this planet and defeat Calix in every possible way...that is certainly the result of a tremendous inferiority complex. :XD:

1- Added Banned to another planet;

1- Banned to another planet has been added to Bio;
2- Preview image changed;

OC & Story Me :iconroddy1990:

Image: taken from [link] , I claim no copyrights over it.
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TheMakaraGroup Aug 6, 2012
TheMakaraGroup Aug 6, 2012
TheMakaraGroup Aug 6, 2012
what he looks hott not ma fault gramps and beat grandma thought soooo tooo XD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
AskTeito Aug 6, 2012
He doesn't look like a bad guy
Trust me, he's very evil. And being a sorcerer, a master of illusions as well. :roll:
AskTeito Aug 6, 2012
Oooh I see ^^"
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