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December 10, 2011
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Real Name: Non-existent
Codename: RRS-27
Adopted name: Roderick Saunders
Nicknames: Roddy, The Cybernetic Judge, #27
Species: Hybrid [Human/Gryktunian/Nano-cybernetic]
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Motto: "Victory is not possible without some sacrifice"
Job: Protector of Earth and Gryktu; autodidact scientist.

Bio: Roderick "Roddy" Saunders, previously known only as RRS-27, is a supersoldier created by a joint-venture between a secret agency known as "The Government" [nicknamed "The Gov"] and the alien civilization from planet Gryktu. The main goal of this project was the creation of an entire army of supersoldiers to:
  • Protect both planets in case of an invasion by hostile civilizations;
  • Use them as a tool for intimidation against the same civilizations;
  • Avoid putting their own population in danger by serving in the infantaries;

The "27" in his nickname indicates he was the 27th subject; and the only one who survived the post-incubation period...officially. There was another subject, created at the same time, but solely by the Gryktunians... His name was Dynth "Reen" Zergi and he was like Roddy's twin brother. Anyway, before more soldiers could be created, Roddy destroyed The Gov's lab and escaped. It didn't take long for the project to be canceled afterwards.

About Gryktu and Gryktunians: Gryktu is located 700 light-years away from Earth, in the Cygnus constellation. It's 2x larger than Earth; gravity is 3.5x stronger; weather is drier and hotter as well, but rains are not rare; wildlife is scarce and most of the planet is covered by deserts, rocky canyons and mountains, but there's also a large ocean. 1 year on Gryktu equals 2.3 years on Earth.
Gryktunians' anatomy is very similar to humans', and they're also mammals. But there are notable differences between them and us:
  • Skin and hair colors - All Gryktunians have gray skin with variable tones and silver/white hair.
  • Resistance and strength - Much greater than ours, about 820%; an average-strength Gryktunian can kill a human fighter with a single punch; whereas a powerful human can lift a motorcycle, a powerful Gryktunian can lift a bus fully loaded.
  • Lifespan - They can live up to 23x more than humans. The oldest ones surpass 2,000 Earth years.

Physical structure, weaponry and systems: Roddy is part-human, part-Gryktunian and part-machine. His appearance is a mixture of both, having light, human-like skin color and silver, Gryktunian-like hair and eyes. But his strength surpasses both as well, being further increased with modern machinery. There are 4 main technological features:
  • Nanobots - These tiny machines grant him with enhanced strength, healing factor and immune resistance. He can also hack computers with them and even access one's mind for information.
  • Hades and Zeus - The [in]famous pair of unique, multi-purpose cannons. Located in his forearms [he actually doesn't have them: the cannons are his very own forearms!], what makes them unique is the energy-made barrel, visible only when the weapon is working: the forearm glows because of the energy flowing around it. Also unique is their power-source, detailed below.
  • Uni Drive [UD] - The most important feature of the entire project and Roddy's "core", it's a super compact and efficient energy reactor/converter, virtually a perpetual motion machine. It's fueled by a very subtle, fluid, ethereal substance, named Quantanium by Roddy; a primitive element, source of everything that exists in the Universe; everything is a variation of this very basic element. By transforming it, the Uni Drive allows Roddy to charge his cannons, activate his armor, energy shields, power the armor's Graviton propulsion spheres, etc. He can even restore his own life-energy supplies with it. The device also allows Roddy to transform himself into a pure amount of Quantanium, which technically allows faster-than-light travel, because he can transform back into his normal form anywhere, thus reaching a destination faster than light itself. It can be considered a kind of teleportation. He named this technique Originem. It really is a breakthrough in terms of “free energy”.
  • GraSS - The Graviton Sphere System is not the fastest way of propulsion, but certainly one of the most efficient. Each shoulder has a sphere, measuring about 30 cm in diameter [11.8 in] and weighting some 15 kg [33 lbs]. They generate gravitational forces as a means for propulsion. They appear not to be physically connected to the armor, given the empty space around them, with the shoulders’ armor section acting like a frame for it, but they’re electromagnetically attached to the armor. Fueled by Quantanium, the simple and raw fluid energy converted and supplied by Roddy’s Uni-Drive [which also uses Quantanium to work], the spheres have a highly reflective and metallic appearance when deactivated, similar to a silicon sphere, but with a honeycomb/hexagram pattern. Once activated, they start spinning and glow, in a smooth shade of cyan. The more power is generated, the brighter they glow. Gryktunians use larger versions of these spheres on their ships, but putting them in a battle armor was a first. The challenge was to reduce size without sacrificing power, a “downsizing” of the sort.

Personality: Roddy is calm and carefree, likes to help people with his inventions and always tries his best in anything he does. Among his brothers, he fills the "nerd" role, though not behaving awkward or anti-social. And he gets VERY serious when his friends are in danger.
So...I already had this OC in mind for a while, but only now I decided to write his bio.

This is my first random OC, not related to any franchise. Of course, I got inspirations, mainly from Detonator Orgun, Metroid, Street Fighter II, Mobile Suit: Gundam 00, R-Type Final, Iron Man, etc., but the rest is pretty much by myself, with ideas from some buddies too.


1- Simplification of profile;
2- Old updates removed;

1- Simple updates in text;

1- Added GraSS;

OCs, specs & story © Me :iconroddy1990:
Image © Detonator Orgun, edited by me
No copyright infringement intended
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Galm03 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL, way less information o-o
Roddy1990 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
Simplifying is better :XD:
Galm03 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
true, but you remove some info, too XD
Roddy1990 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
I know. ^^; From time to time I add and remove info :lol: I still got every edited profile here, though...counting with the current one, it's already 10, only from Roddy. 0_0
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